Industry referred to the type of product produced or services rendered at the respondent’s workplace. Information was collected only on the main product produced or service rendered in the establishment during the reference period. Table 4.4 describes employed population 15 years and older by industry and sex. Majority of the population 15 years and older (67.4%) are in the agriculture, forestry and fishing industry with the males constituting nearly 70 percent of males and of the female population 65 percent are also engaged in agriculture, forestry and fishing industry. This is followed by wholesale and retail; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles (9.8%), with 12.9 percent of females and 6.8 percent of engaged in the industry.


Employment Status

Employment status referred to the status of a person in the establishment where he/she currently works or previously worked.

According to Table 4.5, out of a total number of 56,478 of the population 15 years and older, the proportion of the population who are self-employed without employee(s) form the highest percentage (67.2%). However, the proportion of females is higher (68.6%) than that of the males (65.9%). Also for the self-employed with employees, the proportion of females (3.2%) is higher than that of the males (2.8%). This is because most of the women who are in trade like dressmaking, sales and services and the food industries usually require more hands to work effectively. A proportion of 18.1 percent of females are contributing family workers as compared with 8.4 percent of their male counterparts.

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