The district has a heterogeneous population. The major tribe is Gonja. Other tribal groups are Vagia, Brifor, Safalba, Mo, Dagaba, Grushie and the Pantras. Settlement creation in the district is largely on adhoc basis and usually near and around farms. It is also controlled in the scattered communities dotted all over the district.

 Tourism potentials

•    The Deng festival in Sonyo celebrated annually (May) – the Sonyor architechtural & lifestyle festival.
•    The Hippo Sanctuary in Ntereso
•    Mankuma royal mausoleum where the Kings of Gonja Kingdom are buried
•    Damba festival held six months after the Moslem fasting
•    Bui gorge located at the southern part of the district and
•    Historical Mosques at Bole, Maluwe and Banda Nkwanta
•    Kadeo festival held on the 26/27th day of the annual Ramadan fasting
•    The Bui National Park
•    The Seidublay festival held between April & May every year
•    Jentigi festival characterized by the remembrance of the ancestors


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